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Car Park Resin Floor

A competitive alternative to more traditional flooring options, resin floors are completely seamless, hard-wearing and are available in solid colours, patterns and absolutely bespoke designs to beautifully compliment your home and last a lifetime.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Tom Dalgarno leads JT Resins in providing bespoke resin flooring solutions to residential and commercial customers throughout London, Greater London, Essex, Kent and Suffolk.

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The perfect kitchen floor solution

Recent Resin Flooring Job

The joins in timber, laminate and tile floors, so often used in domestic kitchens where a carpet would quickly become unrecoverably grimy, are a haven for dirt and bacteria to collect and remain. Anyone who has ever dropped a heavy pan on a tile floor will know all too well how easily they crack and how difficult and expensive they are to repair. While wood and laminate are virtually crack resistant, they are susceptible to denting, splintering and dirt easily falls and becomes trapped between the planks. They are difficult to clean properly and quickly shows signs of wear. Our resin flooring, on the other hand, is seamless, slip-resistant, mould-proof, anti-bacterial and unbreakable. It won’t dent or splinter. It’s much easier to clean and to keep clean. Ideal for food preparation areas, clean rooms and other sterile environments, our seamless epoxy solutions deliver a robust, sanitary floor that looks stunning and will last for generations with minimal maintenance.

Ideal for domestic garages, carparks, warehouses, residential workshops and so much more

The durable surface of resin flooring makes it a perfect choice for areas that will be subjected to heavy loads and high traffic. Slip and impact resistance make it a safer choice for areas vulnerable to accidents.

For Bars, Restaurants, Shops & Cafes

Save time and money on the maintenance of your business premises by introducing a resin floor that is hard-wearing and looks amazing. Incorporate your brand colours directly into the resin or design a completely unique floor that will wow your customers. With exact colour matching, the pigment is incorporated into the resin, so no tatty paint chips or missed bits. The naturally non-slip surface makes for a safer environment for staff and customers, while the hard-wearing properties make it the obvious solution for busy environments.

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